So, Blogging has done what I hoped, and inspired me to crack on with my Nixie Tube clock after a few month stagnation.. I’ve got the main board almost finished, after spending ages staring at wires of many colours, trying to figure out what the hell I’d done..

Designing and assembling PCBs is a hell of a lot easier than wiring copper stripboard!!

I’ve also got the main schematic done, rather than keeping it all in my head.

So, heres as far as I’ve got:


Bottom side:


And the schematic:Nixie Tube Clock v0_1

So I now need to test the board, start writing the code, build the Transistor switch board, and shell out for some Nixie tubes….


About frazzledbadger

I'm an Electronics Engineer who's fascinated with taking things apart to see how they work... I work in the Broadcast Industry, basically this means I spend most of my time drinking tea in cold car parks... My main interests are hardware, I'd love to eventually build a robot, killy lasers are a must..

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  1. d3kod says:

    Looks like a solid base 🙂 Good luck with it, can’t wait to see the finished clock

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