Just thought I’d share a couple of pics of my current workshop at work, (Well I say work, we seem to spend most of our time hunting down the perfect pie or engaged in random debates)

We’ve been in our current locale for about a year now, it started out as a bare unit with a roller shutter, and having the great idea of doing it ourselves, we built a range of offices, edit suites, storage area and my workshop..  We’ve also recently added stairs and have been putting a chill-out area and gym on the second floor..

It took us a fair while, and involved a lot of blood sweat, tears and tea, but we’re pretty chuffed with the result.

So this is my man-cave, moderately tidy for once….

and also:

I’m thinking of not bothering doing much soldering at home any more, and just nipping into the office, its easier than balancing things on the kitchen table…


And this is the latest toy I’ve been working on, its a FPGA based test pattern generator for broadcast use, it can take up to 12 cards, each one seperately controllable, with onscreen text and a moving bar.


About frazzledbadger

I'm an Electronics Engineer who's fascinated with taking things apart to see how they work... I work in the Broadcast Industry, basically this means I spend most of my time drinking tea in cold car parks... My main interests are hardware, I'd love to eventually build a robot, killy lasers are a must..

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