So I decided to start a blog….. Not sure where this is going to go, I suspect just a random collection of thoughts and rants, but I shall endeavour to at least point it at electronics, broadcast and  model making, areas I either work in or have an interest in.

So onto the projects.. I’ve been really boring and have been making a Nixie tube clock for a while now, due to work and lack of time, it stalled a few months ago.  My main problem is that, after spending the day in my man cave designing stuff, its hard to come home and be motivated to play with solder.  Kind of a bus-mans holiday.

I was originally going to give it to my parents for a Christmas present, this shows how far behind it is…….

I’m designing it in homage to my first ever product design, so its controlled by a good old PIC16F877A processor,  which drives 6 shift registers connected serially to give mucho lines to switch the transistors which drive the Nixie elements.  Also on there is a shiny Real Time Clock chip to provide the timing.

I bought the HV Nixie driver from Ebay, as I thought it would be simpler than building one, and for £8 who’s arguing?

I’m building it on Veroboard, to give it a nice home-made feel, and am going to put it in a perspex model display case, to show off my mad wiring skillz….. I also want to add a switch to the case, to disable the HV supply in case of sticky fingers poking where they shouldn’t.

So far I have part of the main control board built, I stalled in the process of running many wires around the board, I’m using DIP holders to allow the chips to be added afterwards/ replaced in case of a Magic Blue Smoke attack..( theres nothing quite like the smell of burning circuits… makes me nostalgic for my first abroad TV job where we were tipping seawater out of cameras…..)

(No thats not my Clock….. Think camera swimming with the fishes)


About frazzledbadger

I'm an Electronics Engineer who's fascinated with taking things apart to see how they work... I work in the Broadcast Industry, basically this means I spend most of my time drinking tea in cold car parks... My main interests are hardware, I'd love to eventually build a robot, killy lasers are a must..

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  1. d3kod says:

    First 🙂

    Wow, you’ve got a well equipped micro-lab there! Is this at home or at work?

    • Haha nice..

      No, thats from an old job in Spain, repairing cameras to go onto racing yachts, the thingy hanging up was a remote pan and tilt camera.. I’ll post some pics of my current ManCave at work..

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